Yesterday I wrote that we have just tipped into the Yang phase of the moon (waxing, growing). The Yang phase of the lunar cycle signifies augmentation and expansion.
Living in synchronicity with the moon in its Yang phase would reflect expansion and extroversion in our daily lives.

There are many ways to use this influence. It is a good time for setting new goals, making new friends or seeing more of your current friends, going out more, planting new shrubs, seeds or bulbs in your garden, buying something you love and enhancing yourself or your home, nurturing yourself with healing foods, taking up a new sport or activity and starting projects at home or at work. In expanding your life during this phase, you are working in harmony with nature.

For many this may seem incredible or even ridiculous. But before you are tempted to reject this outright, consider how the lunar cycle already affects us on earth. The tides of the earth’s oceans come in and go out in synchronicity with the moon. Think of the natural force, the magnetism, involved in influencing oceans.

Another example affecting our natural body rhythms is the female menstrual cycle. For many women their menstrual cycles are closely tied to the phases of the moon. Evidence based research supports this belief and has shown that many women do indeed get their periods at the Full Moon*. So not only does the moon affect our oceans, it is also closely linked with the timing of the creation of human life.

Even if you still don’t believe there is any energetic benefit to living in accordance with the cycle of the moon, it still may make sense from a practical point of view. Yin and Yang phases of the moon are roughly 14 days in length. The Yang phase is a period of expansion suited to the expansion of your horizon such as new goals, friends, travel, material objects and gaining a few pounds. The Yin phase is a period of contraction and introspection suited more to reflection and clearing out what is no longer working for you such as bad habits, redundant goals, material things, toxic relationships, and even losing some unwanted pounds.

This system of two weeks of clearing and introversion in theYin phase followed by two weeks of expansion and extroversion in the Yang phase is a life balancing strategy. Just as we can not, over the long term, breathe in more than we breathe out and vice versa, so to will our lives function more smoothly when periods of excess are balanced by periods of restraint. The Moon for you may simply be a marker of these phases.

* There is much evidence based research to support this statement but to be fair; there are some studies that negate it. On the whole, in both my clinical experience and in my personal life with my female friends I consider this statement to be accurate.

Additionally, the English words moon and menses (which is another word for menstruation) are linked in their etymological origins. The root of menses comes from the Latin, mensis, which means ‘month’ and is related to the Greek word mene which means ‘moon’.

Finally, and purely as an anecdotal experience, in our ascent up Mount Kilimanjaro where we climbed under a full moon, 4 out of 5 of us had our periods during the 7 day climb. None of us had lived together previously so this can not be attributed to the phenomenon of women ‘synching up’ when living under the same roof.